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Should I get a Mac or a PC?
Whether or not to buy a Mac or a PC is personal preference. If you use Microsoft Office you should stick to a PC. If you are interested in photos, music, videos, etc you should buy a Mac.
How should I back up my data?
You should always backup your data. If you only have a few files you can back it up to a flash drive. If you have gigabytes of data you should buy an external hard drive. If you have a Mac you can backup to a Time Capsule.
Should I buy an iPhone or an Android?
My computer is really slow
How long should my computer last before I buy a new one?
When should I call GCS?
Gilman Computer Services recommends you buy an iPhone. The iPhone is easier to use, more reliable, works with applications we all use, and is easier and more fun to use overall.
Perform the following operations:
1. Remove any file sharing programs such as Limewire, Bearshare, Ares, Kazaa, etc.
2. Perform a disk cleanup and uninstall any unneeded programs.
3. Delete any unneeded files and media.
Your computer's life depends on a few variables. These include what you use it for, wear and tear, operating system updates since you bought, etc. If you need a very powerful computer and keep up to date with new applications you are going to want a new computer every few years. If you need your computer for just Word and the internet, you should get at least 4 years out of it.
Before you call GCS try to clean out your hard drive by deleting any old files or media, uninstalling unneeded applications, and performing a disk clean. If you are still having trouble after you have exhausted these options, give us a call.
"Passionate About Your PC"
My computer will not turn on. What should I do?
Follow these steps very closely:
1. Make sure it is plugged into either the wall outlet, batter backup system, or surge protector. Make sure the battery backup system or surge protector are powered on. Also make sure the surge protector is not dead.
2. Make sure the power cord is firmly plugged into the back of the computer.